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The way is the goal

The tree houses serve as a recreation or sleeping place in the forest.

6-8 people can rest or sleep in a treehouse. Many tree houses in different places then result in a treehouse hiking path.

Treehouses Building

With a modular kit, we build a treehouse together with citizens, young people, families, associations or companies on site. The focus is on team development and nature experiences. In 5-10 days a tree house with up to 10 people is built.

Valuable forest

Together with forest and tree owners, we develop nature-oriented adventure and recreation spaces.

The treehouse makes the forest valuable for people and nature. The forest owner can also rent out the treehouse.

Social and Environment

We protect the forest and the tree from the exploitation of wood. The tree protects our climate. The group that builds the tree house can use it for their own purposes and do conservation projects or group lessons.

Insights into the project

Our project is accompanied by newspaper, radio, television and of course we also have a Youtube channel.